ByTheNumbers is made by ncla (/u/iamncla) and is suppose to be a follow up site to firepip's ranking site, where users could vote on song match-ups, just like this one, and then see results in a big table along with other statistics. Then the goal is to use all the statistics on this site to guide any upcoming by-request gig votings (because go statistics, wow). Or to dispute a heated argument about which song is better than other..

Some stuff is still work in progress, but I wanted to get the voting out already so I can start gathering data now.

I plan to make more features, the stuff you currently see isn't final. Stuff I plan to do:

  • Win-rate and rank statistics from voting displayed on song pages and big table
  • Spotify play-counts (crowd-sourced data from users inputting it, since there's no API for it)
  • Spotify TOP10 index
  • YouTube views for songs
  • More statistic types on song page (need ideas)
  • Futher expand on set-list pages, e.g. display song staleness in set-list, last time song was played before x gig
  • Searching set-lists (allow searching based on notes e.g. outro rifs)
  • Allow users to pick setlists they have been to, and then generate some statistics based on that
  • View your own voting history and statistics for a voting ballot


Here's some Q&A that I think might be useful:

How much do I have to vote?

It's up to you. The total we are looking for is what firepip had - 50,000 votes. You don't have to do it in one sitting, do it as a side-task e.g. when you are on commute and have nothing better to do, so you spend a few minutes on voting. If you need a goal, then 20% is good enough. Users who vote the most, will get their votes weighted more in the ranking!

This takes too long. Can we do the whole voting by drag and dropping tracks in order we like (from best to worst), instead of voting one by one?

I have thought about this. It mostly comes down to implementation and dealing with concerns. I tried doing this sort of thing with SurveyMonkey for Shepherds Bush Empire by-request, but I heard complaints of it taking too much time. While doing manually all match-ups takes time too, I feel that the data will be more genuine. I am open to discussion about this.

Where is X song?

General rank voting-ballots may exclude some song tracks to reduce the match-up count. It's kind of difficult but here are rough rules for what gets included in main voting ballot rankings:

  • Studio album songs
  • Recorded and released tracks officially by the artist (must be purchasable or streamed legally)
  • The time since song release date must be minimum 45 days to avoid first impression bias

Here's what doesn't make to the voting.

  • Remixes
  • Alternate versions
  • Tracks that are live versions, no studio available
  • Instrumental versions of songs

Why can't I see the statistics for the voting ballot now?

If I expose the statistics right now, then some users would be voting on match-ups based on how the song is currently doing in the ranking. You can however view your own voting history and statistics!

However the site has ability to pre-calculate statistics whenever, meaning users can see the results, but the they would be frozen in time, outdated.

I have a problem / inquiry / feedback.

Please write me on Reddit /u/iamncla or e-mail: bythenumbers [at] ncla.me